Amory Beech is a music artist from Melbourne, Australia. 'Up the Radio Down the Coast' was Amory Beech's debut single, an independent progressive EDM banger that drops hard. The song was written in midst of the Melbourne lockdown and is an optimistic anthem of longing for a covid19 free summer. It dreams of the freedom of driving down the coast, wind in your hair, tunes pumping, nowhere really to go. 

​ Amory Beech is a stage name created to pay homage to his mother, and to Avicii, who Amory Beech says he is inspired by. He also wanted the name to invoke the idea of the beach that exists both in the world and in his mind. His upcoming album 'Kumquat Dreams' explores the themes of  home, nostalgia, and freedom.

Amory Beech is the stage name of James Walker, an award-winning short filmmaker, winning Best Editing at the Sydney Indie Film Festival and the Jury Prize at Port Shorts Film Festival. He has pursued his passion on the side while working in Marketing for Australia’s biggest recycled plastic company. At 24, he left to live in Vancouver, Canada and worked on numerous television shows including The Good Doctor, The Magicians, The Flash and UNreal, before returning to Australia to focus on his music.

If Amory Beech’s lyrics portray a sense of longing the production of “Driver Roulette” is the dream of which he is moving towards. Being a filmmaker Amory Beech is well versed in telling stories and with “Driver Roulette”, he does so using all these sonic brushstrokes to paint a rich scene.” - Melanie Griffiths