How I Write A Song Behind The Process Of Songwriting 

When it comes to the process of writing a song. I love to write notes on my phone. I will be anywhere  when some idea comes to me on a train, on a walk, in a park, or at work, and I find it easy to quickly write down what the line or thought was. 

Ever since coming back from Vancouver in 2018 I started the process of writing songs. Using notes is where it began and will continue to be. One of the first songs I ever wrote was How Long Til The Beat Finally Drops. 

This was the original version.

Verse I

We talk just to talk

You ran you ran away cause you just couldnt stand the chance

To play only the keepers game


So in my dreams we will dance the slow dance

To your favourite song

How long Til the beat finally drops

How long Til the beat finally drops

Verse II

My soul was born under the tropic of cancer 

So your no was the second best answer 

In my eyes you saw no blue sky

In your eyes I saw my blue sky

Cause I know I am not your bright star

But I know I am your bright star

Cause we are all bright stars


So I will go a little into the meaning behind where this song came from. I wanted to touch on those friendships that had frizzled out those relationships that we have in our lives that aren't what they once were. The phrase we talk just to talk was to capture the way in which our conversations had a lack of depth to what they once were. How we used to talk with a sense of care and love but that no longer is what it was. The line you ran away was to talk about how often I've experience the need to run away from people and in turn have had people do that to me. I think in running away there is a sense that by getting away that you escape the problem but I know that not to be the case. To play the keepers game is reference those who are in it for the long haul to keep the promise that you make to each other. It was a real mixture of emotions. There was a sense of I didn't try hard enough. I wasn't good enough. But also I learnt that I was good enough but I had lost who I was in the being around them questioning myself.

The in my dreams we will dance the slow dance was to speak to those people without the talk but just the music and the physical movement of dance. Two bodies moving to the song. I always knew that i wanted  the song to go nowhere to represent the being stuck in a loop and limbo. Or trying to figure out where it went wrong. what had we said or done. I remember having a conversation about the worrying if you made the right decision and i don't think I do because I made the best decision for that time and peoples no's or rejections suck but no is the second best answer. Verse two was about being open to someone about your feelings and being rejected, hurt and told that you aren't what they are after. I wanted to keep it about being bright and blue although it hurts.

The whole concept of this song is the idea I had of dancing with this person who is no longer close in my life in my dreams and knowing it was only for a song, No more words, no more time, no more feelings, just a dance and knowing that soon it would be finished. The reason for the line how long til the beat finally drops is because it was a metaphor for how long til you realise this isnt going anywhere. It would soon be over when your eyes open from a dream.